RefuTraveler project enabling displaced migrants in Greece other EU zones to participate within the Local Tourism stimulation in hard hit areas due to the migration issue, Thus enabling Migrants to participate and integrate whilst boosting local Tourism Economics along with aiding volunteers with the travel.

Moldova Tourism

As part of Tam Tam Travels local development initiatives we work with local tourism professionals to provide exclusive services and promotion of Tourism in Moldova

Drachmae Business Travel

Business travel plays a large role within the technology and Fintech sector, Drachmae Business travel is enable business partners to reduce travel costs and gain benefits whilst promoting Technology and Fintech.

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Migrants in the EU

Population of the EU is over 500 Million but, with the influx of an estimated 3 million Migrants this provides a stress on local communities and resources for social integration.

Moldova Border crossings

It’s estimated to be 4.5 million Border crossings with roughly 5% being for tourism, whilst Moldova has rustic backpacking and off the beat areas to visit they are under marketed and next non International presence of promotion.