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What is JIO Token:

JIO Token is the native crypto   currency to the TamTam Travels Ecosystem in the 8 Trillion US Dollar global industry.

JIO Token was created using the NXT Monetary system a blockchain based token.

More information can be found on www.jiotoken.com

JIO Token Purchasing Power Benefits:

JIO Token is not based on any technical code break through, but the power of the growing community:

  • When a new membership is purchased 10% of the membership value is added to the Purchasing Pool to support the buying power and growth of JIO Token as per the community growth grows.

Services of JIO Token:

  • Private Social Community
  • Exclusive Bookings Engine
  • Tourism & Events Advertisement
  • Community Shop
  • Rewards for Social Engagement

Rebates with JIO Token:

    VIP Travel members are eligible to receive a rebate check for up to $10 per quarter for checked baggage fees paid while traveling via aircraft in JIO Tokens
    If you are able to get a lower price on another website with the same hotel or flight for the same itinerary, let us know and we will meet or beat the current offer or give you a 110% credit of the difference – this is our promise to you In JIO Tokens. (VIP Traveler Members in the VIP Portal ONLY eligible)
    If your flight is more than 3 hours delayed we will rebate you 600$ in JIO Token for the delays on behalf of the Airlines (VIP Traveler Members in the VIP Portal ONLY eligible)


DPAFC (Distributed Project Asset Fund Community)